Invited Applicants

If the Foundation determines that a proposed organization/project is aligned with the Foundation’s mission, focus areas and funding priorities, the organization will be contacted and the proposal materials forwarded.

The organization will be given a timeline for the grant proposal. The Foundation requires at least six months to conduct a complete review of a proposed project from initial inquiry to the grant stage. This timeframe includes a comprehensive due-diligence process of applicant correspondence, site visits, and material review.
Funding decisions are made four times a year in February, May, August and November.
The materials included in the Proposal Application are as follows:

  • Proposal must be completed online with the following attachments:
  • List of Board Officers and Directors
  • The following requested Financial Support Information:
    • Current Agency Operating Budget
    • Funds Received/Committed to the Project
    • Funds Requested/Pledges for the Project
  • The Agency Technology Plan
  • The Agency Facility Maintenance Plan
  • Current Financial Audit or a professionally prepared Financial Statement
  • The most recent Form 990
  • The most recent Internal Revenue Service (IRS) determination letter

All information:

  • Be submitted online on or before the stated deadline


Once the application is received and reviewed, a site visit will be scheduled with the agency. It is a requirement to have at least one Board member present at the site visit. If a Board member cannot be present, the site visit will be rescheduled.