What are the deadlines for grant proposals?
Grants are awarded four times per year. The Foundation will notify organizations of pertinent deadlines when and if they are invited to submit a full proposal.

Do you provide guidance during the application process?
Yes, we provide advice and guidance to invited organizations during the application process and throughout the grant term.

How do I get into Blackbaud/Gifts Online to access my application or reports?

When invited to apply for a grant, an agency will be sent a link to the application. If the agency needs to get back into the application once it has been accessed, there is a specific re-entry link that the staff will be glad to provide. Once an agency creates an account in Blackbaud/Gifts Online, the account can be accessed anytime and a list of previous grants and upcoming reports will be listed on the account. 

What is a technology plan?
Regarding technology plans, we look for the following:

1. Backup, recovery of information
2. Replacement of hardware/software (timetable)
3. Computer usage to achieve mission
4. Security policy including passwords, anti-viral software, firewalls, standards, etc.
5. Website
6. Use of social media
7. Data storage
8. Program management

What is a facility plan?

Regarding Facility Mantainance Plans, we seek the following information IF you own the facility in which your agency operates:

1. Timetable for maintaining the physical plant
2. Reserve funds for maintenance
3. In-house or contract maintenance?
4. Potential major expenditures

May we fax or email proposals?
The application process is now online.  All inquiries and applications must be submitted online. 

If the Foundation does grantmaking by invitation only, how can we get to know you to be considered in future years?
You are free to send us information or contact us by phone or email to discuss your organization and program. An inquiry can be submitted online as well. The online inqiry form can be accessed on this website under the “Grants” tab. Though there is no guarantee that you will receive an invitation to submit a proposal, the Foundation is always delighted to learn more about new organizations and program strategies. We ask that all organizations thoroughly review this website to assess their fit with the Foundation’s funding priorities and note specific funding limitations before making contact.

Can our organization apply again after being funded in previous years?
The FMH Foundation seeks to build long-term partnerships with grantee organizations. Receiving funds in past years does not preclude an organization from being invited to submit a proposal at a later time, nor does it keep the organization from being invited to submit in successive years.

Do you give grants to individuals?
No. Our grantmaking is exclusively targeted toward organizations with 501(c)(3) or 170(c) designations from the Internal Revenue Service.

How do I request a grant application?
Grant applications are by invitation only. Invited organizations will be sent the proposal preparation guidelines and application link via email.

What are the guidelines for submitting an inquiry?

Details for submitting an inquiry can be found on the website under the “Grants” tab. 

In which geographic areas does the Foundation fund?
Funding is provided for programs that impact the state of Texas with a focus on the Permian Basin of Texas.

If my organization is headquartered outside of the Foundation’s geographic requirements, yet hosts a program in either Texas or the Permian Basin, am I eligible to apply for funding?
Yes. However, you must clearly explain how your program impacts or serves the communities and residents of the state of Texas or the Permian Basin.