Areas of Focus

F. Marie Hall set forth the specific goals for the Foundation, which include incubating and supporting programs, projects and activities in the following areas of interest that demonstrate excellence, innovation, collaboration and multi-disciplinary approaches by making grants to public charitable organizations.


The FMH Foundation looks for innovative ideas and programs that will improve the health of those living in our communities. One area of particular interest is in helping those with limited access to quality care or the resources, tools or knowledge to support better health. The Foundation looks for opportunities to promote creation and adoption of programs, practices and policies that advance community health and to be a catalyst for non-profit organizations through support of programs or activities aimed to improve and protect health. Programs that promote health and well-being as well as access to healthcare services are a primary focus.

Visual and Performing Arts

The FMH Foundation invests in organizations that encourage, sponsor and promote innovative work in both visual and performing arts along with cultural experiences. The Foundation is dedicated to fostering a dynamic and diverse appreciation of the arts and to supporting organizations that assert the public value of the performing arts through distinctive community bonds.

The FMH Foundation seeks to strengthen the connection between people and the arts through meaningful community access and engagement.

Community and Cultural

The FMH Foundation offers grant opportunities designed to support community based actions and activities that encourage social connections, promote peace, and build community cohesion. The Foundation supports community-based projects that increase opportunities for people of all ages and ethnic groups to lead healthy lives and to work, learn, recreate, contribute and prosper. The purpose of grants in this area is to support non-profit organizations with programs and activities that strengthen communities and foster collaboration to meet needs and improve the quality of life in the community.


The FMH Foundation will consider grants for charitable organizations that are located (or have an office) in Texas and primarily, but not exclusively, to those organizations located in the Permian Basin geographical area of Texas.